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Q. How does the auto restoration project proceed ?

  • Once the project vehicle is disassembled and stripped of all paint and undercoatings we draw up a comprehensive plan on the project in keeping with the customer's desires and expectations.

Q. What are the different types of projects?

  • Original: A vehicle built to the original automotive specifications as it was from the MFG. Matching numbers, paint, and finishes.

  • Resto-Mod: An original exterior appearance vehicle, upgraded with a modern drive train engine, transmission, brakes, and chassis suspension tweaks, A/C, and other modern-day comforts you have come to expect in a car.

  • Pro Touring: Often features custom body modifications on the exterior, high horsepower drive trains, engine, and full suspension modifications. Original or custom colors are available.

  • Hot Rod: A post-1949 and newer body style vehicle with custom modifications to the drive train, engine, suspension, interior, and body including custom paint. This includes the classic hot rodder look!

  • Street Rod: A pre-1949 Body style and is custom built to the drivers specifications. Everything from “mild to wild” drive trains are installed including many custom fabricated parts. Custom paint jobs with body modifications are quite common.

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